Breaking out a coating solution

These air receivers operate key components in rail vehicles including the braking system and auxiliary pneumatics. They are located on the underside of the vehicle and are exposed to severe conditions. Our customer needed a rail approved coating tough enough to withstand this environment.

SARIS provided Axalta Hydrotopcoat 7200 and EP300 Primer as a two stage system. These Axalta products meet all the key rail safety and durability criteria including smoke and fire test certification.

Hydrotopcoat 7200 is water based, available in a vast range of colours and sheen levels. Hydrotopcoat 7200 combines high performance with built in anti-graffiti properties making it the first choice for rail vehicles both internally and externally.

Hydrotopcoat 7200 is one of a number of rail approved finishes available from SARIS coatings.

Air Tank