Architectural SARIS Primers

SARPRIM1KB – 1K Brushing Primer

SARPRIM1KB 1K Brushing Primer is a general purpose primer with zinc phosphate for corrosion protection. Designed specifically for brush or roller application to steel, giving good covering properties and ease of use.  Ideal low cost primer for structural steelwork.

Red Oxide or Grey

Available in 5L and 20L Packs

SARPRIM1KZP – 1K Zinc Phosphate High Build Primer

SARPRIM1KZP 1K general purpose primer for application to steel, giving a high build. Suitable to apply by conventional spraygun, Airless/Air Assisted. Quick drying with good all round corrosion resistance and excellent recoating properties. Ideal for structural steelwork where a quick drying cost effective primer is required.

Standard Colours – Light Grey, Red Oxide also available in Dark Grey, Buff, White and Black

Available in 5L and 20L Packs


SARZINCEPOXY 2 Pack Epoxy ZP Primer. Combining epoxy resin with zinc phosphate for excellent anti-corrosive properties. SARZINCEPOXY gives excellent adhesion to steel, aluminium and GRP its ideal as a single primer process when the substrate to be coated is constructed of multiple raw materials. SARZINCEPOXY when used in conjunction with SAREPOXY topcoat gives an ultra-hard durable coating system and is suitable for industrial environments where resistance to chemicals and harsh environments is the primary requirement (ensure coating is fully cured before exposure).

Light Grey

Available in 5 Litre composite pack 4L colour 1L activator