Rail Coatings – Ancillaries

Standox PE Soft Stopper

Standox PE Soft Stopper is a multi-purpose PE stopper designed to offer both coarse or fine filling properties. Especially suitable for infrared drying with good vertical stability, easy to sand and with excellent adhesion on all substrates. Suitable for –

  • Cured sanded paintwork
  • Sanded bare steel, UP-GF and aluminium,
  • Galvanized substrates, sanded
  • Cured, sanded VOC / 2K Filler.

DP3508 Sprayfiller

A sprayable stopper which is easy to apply and sand. DP3508 is excellent for filling small craters and imperfections. It can also be used as a fine stopper. Suitable for large-area isolation of critical substrates.

Bare metal, galvanised panels must be pre-primed with acid primer and 2K Filler. Can also be applied over PE Stopper, cured sanded paintwork, 2K Fillers and sanded UP-GF.

3910WB Waterborne Degreaser

Based on a mixture of water and solvents 3910WB has been developed for cleaning and degreasing before surface preparation and before application of primers and topcoats. 3910WB is a critical component to rail coating applications and is the preferred cleaner for Axalta waterborne coatings.

3910WB is designed to be wiped on in manageable sections starting at the top of the panel and then wiped off with a new clean lint free cloth.

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