Rail Coatings – Primers

PUR300 Waterbased Filler

PUR300 is a 2 Pack waterbased polyurethane filler developed for application to rolling stock and is  based on acrylic resins.

PUR300 gives good sandability and optimal appearance. PUR300 can be applied as surfacer or high-build filler depending on the amount of thinner added. Can be applied as non-sanding filler at DFT<40-60 μ or as high-build sanding filler at DFT 80-120 μ

PUR300 is available in Grey RAL 7035 or White RAL 9016

EP300 Waterbased Epoxy Primer

EP300 Epoxy Primer is designed as a multi-substrate primer for new panels. EP300 can be applied to abraded or shot blasted, Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel and to GRP’s or Polyester putty.

EP300 provides high levels of corrosion resistance, high mechanical resistance, excellent adhesion to metals and good filling properties.

EP300 can be overcoated directly with IMRON waterbourne topcoats including HydroTopCoat ®7200 as a two stage non-sand wet on wet coating process.

Colours RAL7035 and RAL3012

PercoTop® CS353  2K HS Rail Filler

PercoTop® CS353 2K HS Rail Filler is a 2 Pack solvent borne filler specially developed for high quality coating of large surfaces.

CS353 offers excellent filling and sanding properties and is designed to be applied to primed surfaces, coil and powder primer, well preserved and lightly sanded original or old paintwork and UP-GF (cleaned and sanded).

CS353 Corresponds in composition and properties to “Stoff 1.2, TL 918300, Anhang B, Blatt 34” of Deutsche Bahn AG.

CS353 is available in sand yellow or white.

R .68121 EP Metallgrund

R .68121 EP Metallgrund provides a basic coating with mechanical resistance and excellent adhesion. R.68121 is an active anti-corrosive coating for the protection of steel and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

R.68121 is  Chromate and lead free. EG- and EGA-free. R.68121 can be applied to steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, glassfibre reinforced plastics (GRP), surfaces coated with polyester putty and firmly adhering old paintwork. Re-coatable with itself and Axalta® systems (solvent-based and waterbased)

Please ask for technical advice prior to selecting a topcoat.

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