Rail Coatings – Topcoats

Imron HydroTopCoat® 7200

HydroTopCoat®7200 is a flexible, eco-friendly waterborne paint system which has been specially developed for use in the rail transportation industry.

This versatile two pack polyurethane topcoat meets the demanding finishing requirements of a range of rail sectors including train manufacturers, fleet operators and specialist rail refurbishment operations.

HydroTopCoat ®7200 has outstanding anti-graffiti properties and is highly resistant to removal agents which means any graffiti can be cleaned quickly and easily.

HydroTopCoat has also been tested and approved for smoke and fire certification, corrosion resistance and durability and conforms to all current rail legislation.

HydroTopCoat is lead-free and does not contain heavy metals. The VOC is the lowest possible, exceeding current and future EU legislation for coatings in the manufacturing sector. It is also in line with REACH legislation.

HydroTopCoat® 7200 is perfect for a wide range of applications, both exterior and interior and can be applied to all types of metal and plastic substrates. It can also be applied using all usual coating processes airless, air-mix and conventional, HVLP.

HydroTopCoat offers the same benefits as high solids solvent based products but without the environmental impact. It also dries fast and the 1.5 to 2 coat application yields high productivity and very low paint consumption. With excellent rheology control, HydroTopCoat can handle the most complex shapes.

HydroTopCoat is available in a wide range of fleet operator shades. In addition to high gloss, it is also available in a range of low sheen finishes from matt to eggshell it possible to make almost any solid colour with any gloss level.

The superior quality of Hydrotopcoat is based on the latest pigment selection and state-of-the art dispersion technology. HydroTopCoat is a robust, long-lasting topcoat able to withstand the rigours of the rail track. It has been successfully used by world class manufacturers of rolling stock for many years.

  • Tested and approved Rail System
  • Ease of application
  • Suitable over multiple substrates
  • High productivity
  • Wide range of colours and gloss levels
  • Excellent appearance
  • High levels of weather, mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Exceptional anti-graffiti qualities
  • Eco friendly, lowest possible VOC content

PercoTop® 9675 2 Pack Polyurethane

PercoTop® 9675 is a low VOC, 2 pack solvent borne polyurethane topcoat developed for rail freight transportation.

PercoTop® 9675 gives a high-quality finish after 1 or 1.5 coats, depending on the colour and substrate. It offers excellent sagging performance and flow, especially on complex shapes with overlapping spray zones.

A broad selection of activators and thinners make PercoTop® 9675 adaptable to a wide range of equipment and climatic conditions to achieve optimum results. PercoTop® 9675 has been specially designed to suit airless, air-mix or electrostatic application equipment without the risk of air-entrapment and foaming. It is also well suited for conventional, HVLP and high-pressure spray equipment.

Reduced application time, good coverage and very short drying times are key advantages of PercoTop® 9675, which will boost the productivity of any paint shop. Consistent application, an excellent finish, increased efficiency, a low solvent content, as well as outstanding colour accuracy – PercoTop® 9675 guarantees excellent results, every time.

  • 2K high-solid polyurethane
  • VOC under 420 g/l
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy application
  • Universal application parameters (optimised for electrostatic and air-mix applications)
  • Outstanding flow control
  • Lower application time: 1 or 1.5 coats
  • Reduced material consumption
  • Fast drying
  • Wide colour availability
  • Excellent appearance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance characteristics

Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8200

Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8200 is an innovative waterborne base coat system which has been specially developed for coating railway rolling stock. It combines easy application with excellent mottling control and outstanding UV-resistance for particularly long-lasting finishes. Excellent adhesion and mechanical properties are achieved thanks to a special activator.

Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8200 is designed for colour schemes requiring special effects with metallic and pearl shades or where the complexity of the livery dictates a basecoat and clear system is the most cost effective solution. Currently this product is only available in a limited range of factory pack colours. Imron® HydroBaseCoat 8200 must be overcoated with Imron® HydroClearCoat HC300.

Imron® HydroClearCoat HC300

Imron® HydroClearCoat HC300 is a waterbased 2 pack polyurethane clearcoat, based on acrylic resin especially developed for application on all types rail vehicles. HydroClearCoat HC300 is designed to overcoat All Axalta™ waterbased basecoats colours when a clear over base system is required.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Offers different gloss levels
  • Easy application
  • Excellent anti-graffiti performance

Axalta EP-DS-Topcoat elasticised

EP-DS-Topcoat elasticised is a solvent based High-Build Epoxy 2 pack topcoat for high-build applications in the Rail industry. Typically used on chassis and bogies. Approved according to Blatt 40, TL918300 DB AG. Available in Black and RAL colours, RAL 7012, 9005, 7022. Other colours are available upon request subject to volume.

  • High chemical and mechanical resistance and superior adhesion.
  • Durable corrosion protection in combination with 2K primers (DIN EN ISO 12944).
  • Under-body coating with good stone chip resistance.
  • Not possible to control gloss level (semi-matt to semi-gloss depending on application parameters).
  • Typical chalking and colour change under UV exposure.

Imron® HydroCoat 7900

Imron® HydroCoat 7900 is a 1 pack waterbased acrylic coating system specially developed to protect carbon steel, galvanized steel, cast steel and aluminium for long term corrosion. Composition based on acrylic copolymers and selected lead and chromate free pigments.

Imron® HydroCoat 7900 has excellent adhesion on pre-treated metal substrates. excellent chemical resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.

Imron® HydroCoat 7900 is available in a limited range of colours -Ral 7012, 7021,7022,9005 and Gris Orange 844.

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