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Product Focus EL600

Product Focus – AXALTA EL600 Clearcoat

September 29th, 2018

EL600 from Cromax is a 2K low-emission clear based on an acrylic co-polymer. EL600 Imron Fleet Clear is easy to apply and creates a robust clearcoat with excellent anti-graffiti properties. It gives a smooth, high-build finish with outstanding gloss retention and superior chemical resistance. EL600 is equally suited to commercial vehicles or large structures where a highly … Continue reading Product Focus – AXALTA EL600 Clearcoat


Pumping out a coating solution

October 10th, 2016

Refurbishing petrol filling stations requires formidable planning and some resilient products. Our customer was looking for a tough and durable coating, one which was simple to use but didn’t contain any harmful isocyanate. SARIS selected SARNONISO Non-Iso topcoat and NONISOCC  Non-Iso clearcoat. The system was selected for its improved durability over 1 Pack alternatives and … Continue reading Pumping out a coating solution