Hesse Lignal Acrylic PUR System

Hesse Lignal PUR System

PUR offers high levels or durability with an elegant surface feel. It is suitable for aggressive environments where exposure to chemicals and cleaning agents demand the very highest resistance properties. Typical applications include bathrooms, kitchens, office furniture, hotel and bar fit out. Hesse Lignal PUR is also suitable for any other standard application where a higher durability is desirable. Hesse Lignal PUR is also B1 & IMO certified flame retardant and is available from matt finish to high gloss in clear as well as in pigmented versions, primer option is also available.

  • Exceptional flow and levelling characteristics, even on vertical surfaces
  • Extremely high opacity. 10-15% higher pigment loads than other competitors
  • Produces an elegant, extremely smooth surface in all gloss levels due to ultra-fine matting agents
  • Light fast, PVC resistant and good resistance to metallic objects
  • Available in almost all colour tones and in a wide range of gloss levels.
  • B1 and IMO certified flame retardant
  • Class leading performance across the whole interior sectors, including kitchen and bathroom, bar and hotel or any area demanding exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Hesse-Lignal’s most popular pigmented acrylic PUR lacquer.
  • Hesse Lignal assured quality.